A Model Language Learner: Ayumi Okada

It’s very useful to have a role model. A language learning role model is very useful. Last year, I posted a video interview with Miho on the Daily English Show. Miho is a model language learner. Last April, I wrote about my friend Sanae. Sanae is a model language learner. Today, I’m going to write about another model language learner, Ayumi Okada. Ayumi was a student at Kanto International High School. When Ayumi started at Kanto she couldn’t speak English much at all. She was in the Regular course, not the English course. So, she didn’t have many English classes, and she didn’t have many native English speaking teachers. However, she joined the World School Society. As a member of the World School Society she attended the World School International Forums in Japan and in the United States. She made friends with young people from all over the world.

Ayumi is very very musical. Her dream was to study music in the U.K. So, she asked me to help her prepare for the IELTS exam. I did. She got a great score and she was able enter a college in the U.K. Now she is studying Popular Music and Record Production at Southampton Solent University. She presents a radio programme on SIN Radio. The radio programme is called D.J. Yummy’s Japanese Takeaway. You can listen to D.J. Yummy’s Japanese Takeaway on the internet. Her radio programme is on Thursdays from three o’clock to five o’clock Greenwich Mean Time, that’s 11 pm. to 1 am. Japan Standard Time. Look at the picture below. Click this link: http://www.sinradio.co.uk/site/?function=schedule. Click “Listen”.

D.J. Yummy’s Japanese Takeaway is very good. I listen to D.J. Yummy’s Japanese Takeaway. I hope you will too.

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